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What Clients Are Saying

אני רוצה לציין לשבח את הרב אוהד מעון הכהן על שעזר לי ברגעי  משבר והרים אותי מעפר ממש!!! עודד הקשיב תמך ודאג. 


I can personally vouch for rabbi Maon. I was lucky enough to be his student for two years and he has helped me in many ways. I have grown in learning, midos, maturity and in my overall day-to-day life. I highly recommend his services.


My sessions with Rabbi Maon were enlightening. Not only is he wise and experienced in the matters of marriage, he delivers his message in a playful and down to earth manner that my intellect and soul could process. I’ve since taken his guidance and made small but meaningful corrections to my daily habits. These have already brought about more shalom bayit and a deeper connection with my wife. 


Though we study for many years to master our professions, a rare few of us are educated to be good husbands. It is for this reason that I strongly recommend Rabbi Maon whether you’re just getting  married or have been for decades. 


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